Sbles3plex is Ivan Arnau and David Farell. They are both born in Terrassa, a grey industrial city close to Barcelona. They started making music in 1995 in small home studios with vintage drum machines and samplers. The music influences are 80's pop sounds, 90´s techno styles and 00's Electro revivals. Since 1999 they share a "factory" with some other deejays and artists. They always collaborated, combining their live acts, with Fuzz Collective projects (a deejay-collective that organizes underground raves in the zone of Barcelona), Cibachrome (multimedia artists composing the sounds for their interactive installations) and art expositions. Later in 2004, after the 3 EP's publications on the mythical Djax Records in Holland, Sbles3plex was picked up by FBI in USA as a solo project for the 2nd release after having a remix done by the legendary Miami Electro/Techno Bass duo Xerodefx. Sbles3plex’s sound is characterized by hard basslines, powerful,  thought provoking melodies, vocoders and classic 808 sounds and FX. Sbles3plex has also released Votox Records label, and is now working on new EPs after the full album "Máquinas Deseantes" (Desire Machines) published on the FBI Recordings label (USA) in 2017.